The application ABBYY Fine Reader was created by the Russian developers of the company ABBYY. The program recognizes characters and converts them to web format. You can use the link on this page to download the official version of ABBYY Fine Reader for free.

The program is suitable for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android operating systems.

Application description

ABBYY FineReader recognizes any image files, photos, documents, etc. and translates them into an editable preset web format. The latest version of the application supports recognition in 192 languages and spell checking in 48 languages. More than 20 million Internet users use ABBYY FineReader to work with documents. You don't need to scan a document to work with the program, just take a photo on your mobile device and upload the image to the program. 

The functions of the program are as follows

  • work with PDF format;
  • file creation and editing;
  • create signatures and comments;
  • document protection;
  • document comparison;
  • automatic processing by templates;
  • scanner support.

How to download ABBYY Fine Reader

Abbyy Fine Reader has a clear interface and easy installation. Click the Download button on this page and launch the file. After installing the program, start working with the application.


Abbyy Fine Reader has a feature for comparing two documents, the differences are highlighted. The program recognizes text even if it is written in several languages. Also with Abbyy Fine Reader you can easily convert one text format to another.